We have over 10 years of hedge cutting experience in Holywell and can return your hedges to their natural beauty and maintain them in proportion to their surroundings. By maintaining your Hedging we can ensure adequate light levels to your property whilst being mindful of your families privacy.

We have the skills and equipment to tackle any size of hedge and leave your outdoor space looking neat and tidy.

Our Holywell Hedge Cutting Services

  • Overgrown Hedge Restoration
  • Hedge cutting, shaping and pruning
  • High Hedges reduced in height
  • New Hedging selected and planted
  • Unwanted Hedge Removals
  • Garden clearance

When’s The Best Time To Cut My Hedge in Holywell?

Regular Hedge-cutting will over the course of some years thicken up the foliage and provide a better screen for privacy and better nesting conditions for wildlife. Most people in Holywell will trim a hedge 2 -3 times a year.

If you wish to manage your hedges for access, tidiness and a neat garden many people do chose to trim a hedge either around May and June time, because of the amount of growth a hedge can put on in the spring / summer months. Or during September / October time to trim back to manage and maintain future growth. This is providing no nesting birds are observed.